Dear colleagues


We would like to start up a new collaborative project as part of C-PEAT focussed on peatlands fires in the Holocene – HOLOPEATFIRE.


We are writing to you as a potential partner in this research project. Our aim is to carry out a global-scale analysis of peatland fires (tropics to the poles) through time and write it up as a multi-author paper for Nature-group/PNAS or similar.


The steering group include Graeme Swindles (me), Angela Gallego-Sala, Julie Loisel, Mark Hardiman, Phil Camill, Paul Morris, Maarten Blaauw and Tom Roland. Everyone who contributes data or other expertise will be an author on the work as default. Please also let me know if you like to be involved more in the steering group and contribute to the analysis or any other aspects of the project.


If you have any charcoal data from a peatland with an associated chronology and would like to be involved then please contact me on for a data template. 


Please email me to declare your interest in contributing. We would like all data to be submitted by September 2020.


Please contact us if you have any comments, thoughts or suggestions on this endeavour. We are looking forward to working with you all!


Best wishes

Graeme, Angela, Julie, Mark, Phil, Paul, Maarten & Tom

Main contact email:

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